CSI: Life

Welcome to my this highly personal blog where I indulge in my favorite hobbies: traveling, photography, nature and culture. By personal, I by no means mean private, anything I post will be under my pseudonym May and you will never see much of any faces in my photos. 

All my spare time and money is spent on traveling and snapping photographs. One of the best ways to save and make money in the United States is by visiting all the casinos offered state by state and pressing your luck. Online gambling has also started to become legalized in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania giving players to gamble from home on their mobile or desktop device. The American Casino Guide is a great place to start for new players who are interested in knowing best games to play, best bonuses offered, and ultimately the best odds to make your cash. Visit www.americancasinoguide.com for a complete breakdown on the gambling world in the States. I do also enjoy the occasional visit to the cinema, to art exhibitions and museums in general, and I love spending time in nature, which goes very well along with my passion for photography.

To me life is all about experiencing new things and  about diving deep into ones emotional world while doing so. On this platform I will share some of my experiences with you.

Photography in National Parks

29 Jul 2021

There is no better place to start than in a national park for those who wish to combine the twin delights of photography and nature. The scenery is spectacular, and you may spot some wildlife. This will undoubtedly help you learn different techniques and enhance your photography skills.

How to Get Started with Film Photography

5 Feb 2020

Becoming a film photographer may not be as hard as it may sound. You don't need to graduate from a top arts academy to qualify for the job. All you need is a passion for photography, time to dedicate to the work, and some pieces of equipment.

Discover the world, explore your inner self

8 Jan 2020

Nothing is more pleasant than traveling and it doesn't matter if you go halfway around the planet or to the next town. Every trip is linked to a discovery, and a chance to learn something new. Our planet is actually a small village, enjoy it.